The Colin McEnroe show of WNPR in Connecticut did a hilarious 50 minute show on Underbug that also featured  entomologist Jennifer Dacey and architect Mick Pearce.

SETI Radio’s Big Picture Science did an episode called “Creature Discomforts,” on animals perceived as pests.

Here’s a piece with WGBH’s Innovation Hub.

On WNYC’s Midday with host Duarte Geraldino.

The NY Times Sunday Book Review podcast called to discuss the bugs. It’s towards the end of this recording.

Here I am talking termites on Radio New Zealand with Jesse Mulligan.

And here’s a video from C-SPAN2 of me reading at DC’s fabulous Politics and Prose.

And more video at Zocalo Public Square (which is also where I work) in a very funny conversation with KCRW’s Warren Olney.


Back in 2009, the Kitchen Sisters made this story about termites for their Mother’s Day show on NPR. They had heard me tell a brief story about termites and their nuptial flight at San Francisco’s Pop Up Magazine and then they ran with the idea.

Here it is.

The image at the top of the page is from Termite City, a book from the 1930’s that has wonderful woodcuts.

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